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License: Perl Artistic License
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Developer: Wilson Snyder
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SystemC::Netlist::Net is a Perl module which provides Net for a SystemC Module.

This is a superclass of Verilog::Netlist::Net, derived for a SystemC netlist pin.

Parsing example:

package Trialparser;
@@ISA = qw(SystemC::Parser);

sub module @{
my $self = shift;
my $module = shift;
print $self->filename.":".$self->lineno().": ";
print "Contains the module declaration for $modulen";

package main;
my $sp = Trialparser->new();
$sp->read ("test.sp");
@end example

Netlist example:

use SystemC::Netlist;

my $nl = new SystemC::Netlist ();
foreach my $file ('testnetlist.sp') @{
$nl->read_file (filename=>$file,

foreach my $mod ($nl->modules_sorted) @{
show_hier ($mod, " ");

sub show_hier @{
my $mod = shift;
my $indent = shift;
print $indent,"Module ",$mod->name,"n";
foreach my $cell ($mod->cells_sorted) @{
show_hier ($cell->submod, $indent." ".$cell->name." ");
@end example


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