t7e 1.0.1 review

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t7e is a Web site translation management system

License: Perl Artistic License
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Developer: G. Matthew Rice
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t7e is a Web site translation management system. It allows the same site to be maintained in a large number of languages, alerting translators to changes in the original site and ensuring material in all languages is accurate and current.

Here are some key features of "t7e":
Convert existing sites to multi-language with just a few simple edits.
Works seamlessly for both static and dynamic content.
Web application for greater portability and ease-of-use.
User permissions and roles (castes).
Customizeable email notifications to translators and editors.
Command line tools for custom script automation.
Reports: user castes, translation stats, translator activity, etc.
Only one set of files to maintain.
No knowledge of HTML is required by translators.
Only changed content needs to be translated, not whole pages.
Sample news application.

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