TableMatrix 1.22 review

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License: Perl Artistic License
File size: 310K
Developer: TableMatrix Team
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TableMatrix is a Perl module that can create and manipulate tables.


$table = $parent->TableMatrix(?options?);



Here are some key features of "TableMatrix":
multi-line cells
support for embedded windows (one per cell)
row & column spanning
variable width columns / height rows (interactively resizable)
row and column titles
multiple data sources ((perl hash|| perl callback) &| internal caching)
supports standard Tk reliefs, fonts, colors, etc.
x/y scrollbar support
'tag' styles per row, column or cell to change visual appearance
in-cell editing - returns value back to data source
support for disabled (read-only) tables or cells (via tags)
multiple selection modes, with "active" cell
multiple drawing modes to get optimal performance for larger tables
optional 'flashes' when things update
cell validation support
Works everywhere Tk does (including Windows and Mac!)


What's New in This Release:
Misc Bugs fixed in Tk::TableMatrix::SpreadsheetHideRows

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