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Taskjuggler is a project management tool for Linux and UNIX system-based operating systems

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 1209K
Developer: TaskJuggler Team
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Taskjuggler is a project management tool for Linux and UNIX system-based operating systems. Whether you want to plan your college's shifts for the next month or want to build a skyscraper - Taskjuggler is the tool for you.

Instead of clicking yourself painfully through hundreds of dialog boxes you specify your Taskjuggler project in a simple text format. You simply list all your tasks and their dependencies. The resulting schedule is then presented as GANTT chart, Table, HTML, XML or CSV report.

Taskjuggler does not only honor the task interdependencies but also takes resource constrains into account. Using Taskjuggler's powerful filtering and reporting algorithms you can create task lists, resource usage tables, status reports, project calendars and project accounting statements.

Here are some key features of "TaskJuggler":
Automatic scheduling of interdependent tasks with resource conflict solver.
Powerful project description syntax with macro support.
Flexible working hours and vacation handling.
Support for shifts.
Multiple time zone support.
Flexible resource grouping.
Project accounting support.
Task may have initial costs, finishing costs.
Resource may have running costs.
Support for simple profit/loss analysis.
HTML and XML report generation.
Support for plan and actual scenario comparisons.
Project tracking support.
Groupware support by using a revision control system such as CVS or RCS on the project description files.
Support for central resource allocation database.

Trolltech's Qt, Version 3.x
KDE Version 3.0.x or higher to compile KTJView.

You need both the Qt3 and Qt3 devel package installed to build taskjuggler.

What's New in This Release:
This release features a much improved ICal file support, more flexible calendar generation, improved critical path visualization and numerous bug fixes. All users of 2.2.0 and earlier versions are encouraged to upgrade now.

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