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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 871K
Developer: Mario Izquierdo
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TcosMonitor is a teacher management of a thin client classroom.

TcosMonitor is a pygtk app teacher tool to control a thin client classroom (PXES, LTSP, TCOS compatible) and allow to do actions on one or all thin clients like block/unblock screen, reboot/poweroff thin clients, and so many.

TCOS is a thin client implementation to build net initramfs images based on kernel, binaries and libs from debian/ubuntu, no more patched kernels and bins!!!

TCOS project is similar to PXES but work with more hardware and newer kernels.

App avalaible in spanish and english.

Debian/Ubuntu mirror:

deb unstable main

add gpg key:
# wget
# cat mariodebian-pub.key| apt-key add -

GTK+ version 2.0.x

What's New in This Release:
Use xauth cookie for user utils.
Add tcos-devices that mount (FUSE) the thin client devices.
Add tcos-volume-manager to control thin client sound card levels.
Exec apps in user session and send messages throught dbus.
More small bug fixes.

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