Thin File Upload 2.0 Beta review

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Thin File Upload is a general purpose multiple file uploader

License: Other/Proprietary License with Free Trial
File size: 63K
Developer: Thin File
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Thin File Upload is a general purpose multiple file uploader. Once Thin Upload is installed on your website, visitors will be able to send you their files simply by dropping them the designated area of their browser.

With traditional HTML form based uploads, each transfer is limited to a handlfull of files. With Thin Upload thousands of files and folders can be sent at once. A browse button can also be displayed for users who may prefer it, this button can also be used to select multiple files and folders.

Another difference between HTML forms and our applet is that the maximum upload size can be checked before a single byte has been transfered saving bandwidth. Another feature of the applet is it's ability to display a progress monitor while the files are in transit.

As the name suggests Thin Upload is an ultra thin client that is compatible with all popular server side scripting/programming languages such as PHP, Perl, ASP.NET etc. At just 50 Kilo Bytes it loads almost instantly.

What's New in This Release:
The applet can now be controlled by directly embedding configuration directives into the Web page that contains the applet.
A new progress monitor has been added.

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