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TCPfork is an userland TCP Proxy with advanced load balancing capabilities

License: Shareware
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Developer: Inlab Software GmbH
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TCPfork is an userland TCP Proxy with advanced load balancing capabilities. Core features are the ability to load balance on a "least connection" base and the ability to take the machine load into account ("least load" or "least resource" load balancing).

This is implemented by talking the "bngagent UDP protocol" to agents on the destination hosts ("bngagent" is an open source part of the BNG (BalanceNG) project).

TCPfork performs "TCP open" health checks per default and allows calling external health check scripts instead ("mon" monitor script command line compatible). TCPfork runs on many different platforms and is available commercially with free trial.

Here are some key features of "TCPfork":
Userland TCP proxy available for many different platforms
currently available for Linux/x86, Solaris/SPARC, Solaris/x86 and HPUX/PARISC
Agent based "least load / least resource" distribution method (or "least connections" as default)
Full compatible to the open source agent software "bngagent" (part of the BNG project)
Free cutomizable weighting of load distribution using a linear function approach (scale/offset paramaters per destination host)
TCP-open health checking or external healthcheck scripts (using "mon" monitor script calling conventions (Link:
Runtime interactive command line interface
Syslog logging
Commercial implementation with full commercial support
Free download and trial available (see the download requqest page)
Coming soon: External alarm scripts for interfacing SNMP trap generation and full IPv6 support

What's New in This Release:
The BngAgentService contribution for Windows was included in the distribution.
The license revocations were updated.
Solaris 8 support was discontinued.
The manuals were updated to 2.55.0.

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