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Teromail is a free summarizing webmail with smart search

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 18K
Developer: Tero Karvinen
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Teromail is a free summarizing webmail with smart search. Teromail is not actively being developed nor tested enough for production use, but is usefull as

A prototype of a better user interface for webmail
An example how to program with php-imap library.

Here are some key features of "Teromail":
For Beginners
Easy to use
No user configuration needed
Toolbar (new message, search, logout) and mailboxes always visible
User interface is tested with actual non-geek humans during development

For Advanced Users
Initial summary page is often enough for reading mail
Summary shows the real content by skipping quotes and newlines
Search works like web search engines
Case insensitive “and” search
Automatically searches both headers and body
Usable in both graphical browsers (Mozilla, Phoenix) and text mode browsers (lynx, elinks).
Mobile devices support
xhtml basic is an html standard specially made for pda’s
Only three page requests are needed to view latest messages (login, summary, logout)
Light interface without visual clutter
No graphics (in the interface, can of course display attached pics)
Only new message -page uses tables
Secure, always uses ssl (https) connection
Tabs support: any link can be opened in a new window or tab.

For Administrators
Easy installation
Just copy teromail directory into a directory displayed on the web, such as ~/public_html/ or /var/www/html/
Secure, teromail is just another client to imap server
Business people
Free, runs on a completely free platform

For Developers
Small codebase: only 700 lines of php code (to compare, a well known webmail Squirrelmail is more than 25 000 lines of php)
Toobox principle - small separate tools. Teromail uses external programs and libraries when possible.
imap server: basic mail handling, sending, searching
php-imap (a standard part of php 4): connection to the imap server
optional components
spamassassin and procmail can filter spam

What's New in This Release:
Tested with Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Dapper, PHP 5, and Dovecot 0.99.14-1ubuntu1.1.
This release fixes unexpected T_ABSTRACT and unexpected T_STRING header.php 4.
Ubuntu 6.06-specific install instructions have been added.

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