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texi2latex is a program that converts Texinfo files to the LaTeX format

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Torsten Bronger
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texi2latex is a program that converts Texinfo files to the LaTeX format. It is a full implementation of the Texinfo file format.


Go to the directory where your Texinfo file resides. Assuming that your Texinfo file is called "mytexi.texi", call

texi2latex mytexi.texi

(you may omit the extension). This writes mytexi.ltx in the current directory.
ATTENTION: If this file already exists, it's overwritten.

Then you can get a PDF with

pdflatex mytexi.ltx

Plain "latex" (without "pdf") works, too, but pdflatex is highly recommended.

Please note that plain latex and pdflatex can only deal with certain image formats. Plain latex usually only can include EPS files. pdflatex can deal with PDF, JPEG, and PNG. So it may be necessary to convert images.

There are no non-standard dependencies in the ltx file. In particular, there are no "class" or "style" files special to texi2latex. However, if your version of LaTeX is too old, this may cause trouble.

An XSLT processor. I recommend Saxon 6.5.x (*not* 7.x or 8.x) because it's the fastest. But texi2latex uses only standard XSLT 1.0, which is a very strictly defined standard. So Xalan etc. work too. At least in new big Linux distributions Saxon is already available.
A current version of makeinfo, which is part of the Texinfo distribution. For some features it is necessary to have a CVS version of it, and even then you can't be sure. See below.
A non-ancient version of LaTeX.

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