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DaisyPlayer is a program for playing Digital Talking Books (DTB)

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 54K
Developer: DaisyPlayer Project Team
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DaisyPlayer is a program for playing Digital Talking Books (DTB). The DaisyPlayer Project's main focus is to make a library with a small, easy-to-use API, making it easy for other developers to write their own daisy players without having much knowledge about the Daisy format and standards.

A console and a GUI front-end are available fo this library to demonstrate how it can be used in practice and for those who just need a simple daisy player.

libdaisy >=0.2.0
libqt3c102-mt >=3:3.3.4


From package:

Install the Debian package, using 'dpkg -i daisygui_0.2.2_i386.deb'.

From source:

'tar -zxvf daisygui_0.2.2.tar.gz'
'cd daisygui_0.2.2'
'make install'


After you have opened a valid Daisy DTB book, you can listen and navigate through it using the buttons. Or you can use shortcuts:

Ctrl+p = Play
Ctrl+space = Pause
Ctrl+s = Stop
Ctrl+left = Previous passage
Ctrl+right = Next Passage
Ctrl+up = Previous chapter
Ctrl+down = Next chapter
Ctrl+b = Bookmark current passage

The rest of the keyboard shortcuts depends on what language you use.

What's New in This Release:
The library is much more stable, and some minor bugs in the front-ends have been fixed.

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