The Hunted Chronicle 2 review

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The Hunted is a single player FPS game based off of the Darkplaces engine

License: Freeware
File size: 1K
Developer: Chris Page
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The Hunted is a single player FPS game based off of the Darkplaces engine. It is completely standalone, meaning that you do not need any prior files to run it, and it comes in a series called chronicles.

These chronicles are used for having a continuously flowing story and a difference in weaponry and in other things found in-game.

Each chronicle tells the story of a lone survivor escaping the city that has been overcome by the infected.

The symptoms of the infected at the time of the survivor's adventure are not clear but as the chronicles are released, the story unfolds to make it quite clear as to why, where, when, and how this survivor came to be in a horror show such as this.

Here are some key features of "The Hunted":
Completely recreated zombie and zombie code. Much more "realistic" in attack, range, and response time.
Added random skin generator so zombies will be wearing different attire no matter how many times you play a map
Added "Use" key, used to pick up boxes and move them to get to previously unattainable areas
Added "story driven comics" used to help further the story and gives hints on puzzles
Added all new weapon models
Added fully functionable "secondary attack" (zoom with Merc's Gun, large swing with meathook)
Added zombie footsteps
FIXED**bug where zombies faking dead on ground would still block a player's way
FIXED**HUD/glock-pistol ammo malfunctions
Added place_model attributes to have spatialization options and other effects to create global audio ambience and better effects using DarkPlaces extensions
Added muzzleflash
Added flashlight
Added multiple new enemies

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