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Thyme is a robust, web-based calendar suite

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Thyme is a robust, web-based calendar suite. Thyme can be used as a personal planner, a company or organization's event calendar, an RSS gateway, an iCalendar service, an application embedded into your PHP enabled web site or intranet.

Many people use it as a remote calendar, updatable by Mozilla Sunbird, Apple iCal, and other programs that support this. See our documentation section for more information on any specific feature.

Here are some key features of "Thyme":
Simple, web-based installation
Supports dates from 1 A.D. to 9999 A.D.
Modular design allows for 3rd party add-ons and adapters
Themeable. Use one of the 4 pre-built themes, or create your own!
Choose an icon for any event
Color events by cateogry
Color events by event owner
In layered calendars, color events by calendar
Use Thyme's color legend to easily identifiy color indications
Create your own log-in page
Create your own "print view" page
Include your own site header / footer
Multi-language support - Includes translations for:
English (GB)
English (CA)
English (US)
Gernan (DE), thanks to Ralf Kuhnbaum-Grashorn
Italiano (IT), thanks to Raffaele Nolliger
Fran?ais (FR), thanks to Nicolas Borboen
Portuguese (PT), thanks to S?rgio Teixeira
Espa?ol (LA), thanks to Dr Jorge Babroo Angulo
Dutch (NL), thanks to Jerry Gordon
Contact us to become a translator and receive a free licensed version of Thyme!
RSS Feed Modules
Add RSS news feeds to Thyme's navigation bar.
Keep up to date on stock quotes, weather, or even add an RSS feed from one of Thyme's calendars.
Advanced repeating events
Set event start times to "Call for times" rather than having to choose a specific time or "All Day" (actual text is configurable, can be changed to "E-mail us for times" etc..)
Create repeating rules based on Easter each year (Great for churches!)
Other examples include
Every other Monday and Thursday
The first Tuesday of the month on or after the 2nd
15 days before Easter every year
The first weekday of the month
Any Friday that falls on the 13th of a month
The first Saturday OR Sunday of a month, which ever comes first
Overriding of repeating events
Change only a certain instance of a repeating event
Delete only a certain instance of a repeating event
The ability to reset a changed instance back to it's original state
Multiple Calendars
Create Views which enable you to view multiple calendars at once (Layering)
Multiple calendars each with their own configurable options including:
Member list (administrators, normal users, view-only users)
Event requests
Remember recently added locations
Color asignment
Remote publishing
File Attachments
Categories (****)
Easily categorize events using categories you can define for each calendar
Assign color(s) to each category
Assign an icon to each category
Filter events by any category
Assign multiple categories to events. For instance, a musical theater production can be in both Theater and Music categories
Users and Groups
Each calendar has it's own members and administrators list
Public access with configurable access per calendar (this can be turned off globally)
Advanced access control based on groups and users.
"Everyone" pseudo group
Authentication modules for
Mambo / Joomla
Generic MySQL authentication
Timezones and Daylight Saving Time
All timezone and daylight saving time operations are done independent from your web server's timezone. It doesn't matter where / what timezone your site is hosted in.
Timezone and daylight saving time settings configurable per user
Timezone and daylight saving time settings configurable per event
(an event that occurs at 2pm EST will correctly display as 11am to a user in PST)
Option to disable timezone information per event so that it will appear to occur at the same time, regardless of user's timezone settings
Globally turn off timezone and dst compensation
URL attachments
Event file attachments
Enable or disable attachments per calendar
Ability to download all attachments for an event as a zip file *
Import/export and publishing
Import/Export to Apple iCal, Mozilla Sunbird and other programs that support the iCalendar standard
Post events to a calendar remotely using Apple iCal, Windates, Mozilla Calendar and other programs that support this feature (just like when using a WebDAV server!)
Subscribe to a calendar remotely using any program that supports this feature
Post calendars to a remote web server or service su ch as iCal Exchange or iCal Share **
RSS feeds for calendars (day, week, and month views)
Add your calendar feed to an RSS reader, a CMS (PHP-Nuke, Mambo etc..) or your content provider home page (My Yahoo!, MSN, etc..)
Event requests
Configurable per calendar
Non-authorized users may request that an event be added
Remote, non-authorized users may post an event just as they would any other and it will be added to the event request queue
Calendar admins may add the request to the calendar or deny the request
Calendar owner may choose to recieve e-mail notification of pending event requests.
Users recieve notification that their event has been added or denied ***
E-Mail ***
E-mail notification of pending event requests
E-mail an event to to anyone (turned off for Guest account)
E-mail subscriptions to calendars. Works just like a newspaper subscription. Subscribe to daily or weekly views.
E-mail notification of added events based on event type or title text
E-mail reminders of upcoming events
Dynamic Calendar Publisher
Integrate Thyme into your PHP enabled website or intranet
Use the style editor to make the calendar match your site's look

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