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Calcium project is a Web Calendar application

License: Other/Proprietary License with Free Trial
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Developer: Fred
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Calcium project is a Web Calendar application. It will run on nearly any machine with a web server that can run Perl CGI scripts; a web browser is all you need to view, edit, and manage any number of calendars from any network connected computer.

All administration is done with your browser - after installation, there's no need to log in to the web server. Calcium calendars can be used for:

displaying calendars to the public on your web site
scheduling meetings, vacations, or any kind of events
keeping track of employee availability
room or equipment reservations
anything else you can think of!

Calendars are interactive, and can be for personal use, for sharing among users in your office over your intranet, and for use by Internet users around the world.

Here are some key features of "Calcium":
Dynamic Calendar Merging
Calendar Views and Formats
Palm Pilot and Microsoft Outlook Synchronization
Email Features
Searching and Filtering
Security and Users
Tentative Events
iCalendar Support
Event Categories
Defined Time Periods
Event Editing Restrictions and Validation
Flexible and Powerful Calendar Entries
Repeating Events
Dynamic Add-In Files
Headers and Footers
Easy Calendar Navigation
Multi-Language Support
Calendar Groups
Event Import/Export

What's New in This Release:
Major new features include support for Custom Fields, Templates, RSS Feeds, and iCalendar publish/subscribe.
There are many other new things and improvements.

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