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TimeTrack is a program to track time in a modular, project-oriented way

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 266K
Developer: Wolfchild
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TimeTrack is a program to track time in a modular, project-oriented way. A single timer has the ability to help you track your time over a whole project through maintaining a list of tripels that consist of starttime,endtime and a description field.

You can arrange your timers over several tabs, just as you like. Saving and loading happens through XML Files. Timetracker also has the ability to import single timers from other files to merge your timerdata with other timerdata.

Here are some key features of "TimeTrack":
New Timer:

This button spawns a new Timer on the current tab. Just click it and you can start tracking.

New Tab:

This buttons spawns a new Tab. You'll be asked for the name of the new tab before it is created.

Rename Tab:

This button renames the current Tab.

Close all:

This button closes all tabs and running timers WITHOUT saving.

One of the new functions of 1.1 is the ability to save a running timer which will pe persistent even through reboots and shutdowns through the usage of timestamps. This is a useful feature especially for notebook users with limited energy resources.

Starting with V1.1.1, TimeTrack is featuring a generic report generator, which aids you in your documentation needs by - well - simply building reports out of your tracked time data.

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