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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 41K
Developer: Falk
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tk_msg project is a small application which helps a programmer create message catalogs for localizing Tcl/Tk programs.

tk_msg can find your messages constructs when:

- the command starts with ::msgcat::mc or msgcat::mc or only mc
- the message string is enclosed from "double quotation marks"
- you don't use the character order ] in your message strings
(but you can display this if you want with [ msgcat::mc "I want to show
%s" {]} ]

tk_msg has a two windows: one with your orginal message and one window to put in the translation - tk_msg is written in pure tcl/tk (no tcl/tk-extensions are required).

A German translation of the program is available.

tcl/tk > 8.4

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