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TkKasse is a Point-of-Sale (POS) software, which can be used with off-the-shelf computers

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Jan Kandziora
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TkKasse is a Point-of-Sale (POS) software, which can be used with off-the-shelf computers. TkKasse project was designed especially to meet the needs of restaurants. With TkKasse, waiters can manage all the orders on-screen.

It's easy to keep track of many guest orders at the same time. Printed receipts will make it easier for bar and kitchen staff to keep track of the orders, too.

You can use TkKasse at more than one cash desk at the same time. As all data is stored on a server at your site, it is possible for waiters to switch between cash desks anytime.

Second, only the server computer has to be protected against data-loss e.g. no data is lost if a cash desk blackouts. By these means, a very cheap but safe setup, even for bigger installations, is possible.

TkKasse has very little needs on hardware, too. Aside from POS printers no special hardware is required no touch screens, no special keyboards, no cash drawers even the POS printer is not a must-have.

On the contrary you can use each of these special compentents if you feel the need for them.

Here are some key features of "TkKasse":
All guest orders are managed on-screen:
No paper-driven mess anymore! Instead, well defined texts are printed when needed.
Multiple waiters can use the cash desk:
All the orders are designated to a waiter and stored in the background.
No “bottleneck” at the cash desk:
If one POS terminal is not enough, use two or more. They all provide access to the current orders, so waiters can switch between them anytime.
Run to the kitchen to give the order to the chef? Use the phone? Not necessary:
TkKasse controls multiple printers with ease and prints orders at kitchen and bar printers.
Special guest orders can be provided on order receipts:
And will be printed later on the guest bill.
Tax rates (VAT) can be set for each article independendly:
(Needed in some countries)
Special bills:
room order for Restaurant/Hotel businesses, etc.
Waiter's bill summary receipt:
can be printed anytime.
Protection against failures only neccesary for the server computer:
The terminals at the cash desks do not need any protection, as all data is computed on the server.
One-Computer setup possible:
Server- und terminal program can be installed on the same computer, if you have only one.
All computers can be used for other things, too:
As there is no special hardware, you can use them as ordinary PCs.
So far, localisations for German- and English-speaking countries are provided. For all countries except Germany, information about tax rules is required. Please provide it to the author if you are planning to use TkKasse outside Germany.
Splitting and joining of bills
Cash drawer support
Implemented with version 2.3
Web browser driven configuration tool (remote administration possible)
Implemented with version 2.3

Server computer (e.g. Intel-PC, Apple Macintosh, others. From 400MHz/128MB RAM, but more RAM is recommended)
Server operating system UNIX-compatible (e.g. Linux, *-BSD, Mac-OS X, Solaris)
POS printer (the number of them is at your choice)

What's New in This Release:
Starting with this version, the cash register data is stored in a sqlite3 database, too.
A report tool has been added to the browser interface, developing the configuration tool into a back office solution.
The reports can be printed to PDF files with the help of pdflatex.
There is now support for up to 10 POS keyboards in the article configuration.
The iButton waiter key handling in the client has been improved.

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