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tmv renames files/directories according to sed script(s)

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Gene Pavlovsky
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tmv renames files/directories according to sed script(s). Optionally, converts pathnames to upper/lower-case, from/to the specified character set, or even pipes them through arbitrary command(s).

Here are some key features of "tmv":

transform pathnames
transform with sed script(s)
convert to upper/lower-case
convert from/to specified character set
pipe through arbitrary shell command(s)

specify files/directories to be moved
on the command line
read from standard input

verbose diagnostic output (can be turned off)

dry-run option, useful for testing


Installation of tmv is straightforward: as tmv is written completely in shell, there is no configure script or makefile.

To install, run ./install
To uninstall, run ./uninstall

The install/uninstall script supports several configure-like options, you can find them out by issuing a "./install --help" command.

What's New in This Release:
Added a script that converts all names to lowercase (tmv-l).
Fixed a minor bug.

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