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Traff sniffs your network interfaces and accounts the IP traffic on an IP basis

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Hans M Kr?ger
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Traff sniffs your network interfaces and accounts the IP traffic on an IP basis. The configuration is very flexible, allowing you to create different/multiple accounting rules. The collected data is stored in MySQL, PgSQL, syslog, or files.

The whole thing about Traff, is that you can specify for what IP you want to account the traffic, and even for what IPs talking with which peer. This means, that if you have a big up-link and you want to discover how much each or some hosts on your network are using this up-link, you can do that without caring about the other IP, as other programs do. So much less data will be stored at your database. The program runs as a daemon and periodically will dump all information collected to the database, syslog or a file.

What's New in This Release:
Very big changes in this one. First of all, module Data and all external ump-programms are history. All necessary datafunctions where copy-n-pasted to traff.c. The different dump-procedures where intergrated into traff.c as well. Now there is a dump-function (data_mysql_dump, data_stdout_dump etc.) for each functionality. Therefore some changes in the configuration-file where necesary. Option sql does not exists any more.
Instead od
you now have to write
dump [ stdout | syslog | textfile | binfile | [ { mysql | pgsql } host database table user password ]

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