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Translate Toolkit project is a set of tools designed to assist translators and localizes, with a specific focus on the Gettext PO and

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Developer: David Fraser
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Translate Toolkit project is a set of tools designed to assist translators and localizes, with a specific focus on the Gettext PO and XLIFF formats.

This makes it possible to stay in one format across all your localisation, thus allowing you to master one translation editor instead of one per project. Of course an added benefit is that now you cannot create broken or Mozilla translation files. And of course their are many other [benefits].

The toolkit also includes tools to help check, validate, merge and extract from your localizations.

The toolkit forms part of the WordForge project, which is building standards based localisation tools for Free and Open Source Software.

Here are some key features of "Translate Toolkit":

Converters change many different formats to PO and back again. (Sometimes only one direction is supported, or conversion is done without PO files.)

oo2po - SDF converter
moz2po - Mozilla .properties and .dtd converter. Works with Firefox and Thunderbird
csv2po - Comma Seperated Value (CSV) converter. Useful for doing translations using a spreadsheet.
ts2po - Qt .ts converter
txt2po - Plain text to PO converter
html2po - HTML converter
xliff2po - XLIFF (XML Localisation Interchange File Format) converter
po2tmx - TMX (Translation Memory Exchange) convertor
pot2po - initialise PO Template files for translation
csv2tbx - Create TBX (TermBase eXchange) files from Comma Seperated Value (CSV) files
tiki2po - convert TikiWiki translation files to po


The PO tools allow you to manipulate and work with PO files

pocompile - create an MO (Machine Object) file from a PO file
poconflict - extract messages that have conflicting translation
pocount - Count words and string in PO files
podebug - Add debug strings to messages
pofilter - filter PO files to find common errors using a number of tests
pogrep - find strings in your PO files
pomerge - merge file extracted using pofilter back into the original files
porestructure - restructures po files according to poconflict directives
lookupserver - a server that can be queried with XML-RPC to lookup strings in a storage format


The scripts are for working with and manipulating PO files. Unlike the tools which are written in Python, the scripts are written in bash. They are not installed on your system as part of the toolkit but need to be downloaded from CVS and manually installed.

mozcvs2pot - Convert files in Mozilla CVS layout to Mozilla’s l10n layout
phase - Helps manage a project divided into phases of work, including sending, checking, etc
pocompendium - Creates various types of PO compendium
poen - Initialises POT files to English translations
pomigrate2 - Migrate older PO files to new POT files
popuretext - Extracts all the source text from a directory of POT files
posplit - Split a PO file into translate, untranslated and fuzzy files
poreencode - Converts PO files to a new character encoding

Python 2.3.3

What's New in This Release:
Terminology matching was improved; terminology is now found in simple changes due to noun plurals or basic verbal changes.
Some small bugs were fixed in pot2po.
For example, the Project-Id-Version header should now be carried over from the POT file when operating without a PO reference (template) file.
po2txt was fixed for encoding issues.

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