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Tux Racer is a very fun arcade game for Linux. The main goal in Tux Racer is to have fun! Race down mountainous terrain as quickly

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 621K
Developer: Tux Racer Team
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Tux Racer is a very fun arcade game for Linux.

The main goal in Tux Racer is to have fun! Race down mountainous terrain as quickly as possible, while collecting herring to increase your score!

Here are some key features of "Tux Racer":
Fun, easy to learn
Exciting 3D courses
Sophisticated physics result in thrilling rides down the mountains
Collect herring while avoiding obstacles for high scores
Race over a variety of surfaces, including fluffy snow and slick ice
Race in various weather conditions and lighting conditions
Create your own courses using any paint program such as The GIMP (no 3D modeller required)
Suitable for all ages.

An implementation of the OpenGL API version 1.1 or greater (Mesa versions >= 3.2 work; see http://mesa3d.sourceforge.net). Note that you will need a hardware-accelerated implementation of OpenGL in order for Tux Racer to be playable.
The GLUT library, version 3.7 beta or greater. This is distributed in the MesaDemos package, so if you have installed Mesa you probably also have GLUT. Otherwise, see http://www.opengl.org.
Tcl Version 8.0 or greater.
(Optional) Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) Version 1.1.1 or greater. This is required for joystick support.
(Optional) SDL_mixer Version 1.0 or greater. This is required for sound and music support.


1. Unpack the code tarball:

shell$ tar xvfz tuxracer-.tar.gz
shell$ cd tuxracer-

2. Configure for your system:

shell$ ./configure

Many people will be able to run configure without passing any options. The more commonly-used configure options are:

--prefix=DIR: Specify where to install tuxracer. (The tuxracer binary will be placed in DIR/bin)
--with-tcl-libs=DIR: Specify Tcl library location
--with-tcl-inc=DIR: Specify Tcl header file location
--with-tcl-lib-name=NAME: Specify Tcl library base name
--with-gl-libs=DIR: Specify OpenGL library location
--with-gl-inc=DIR: Specify OpenGL header file location
--with-glut-libs=DIR: Specify GLUT library location
--with-glut-inc=DIR: Specify GLUT header file location
--enable-stencil-buffer: Use if your hardware has a stencil buffer
--with-data-dir=PATH: Location of tuxracer data directory (can be also configured in options file later)

Run ./configure --help for a complete list of options.

4. Compile:

shell$ make

Tux Racer should compile cleanly, with few (if any) warnings. Please see the FAQ or our Support page if Tux Racer fails to compile.

5. Install the tuxracer binary:

shell$ make install

Unless you specified the --prefix option when you ran configure, this command will install the tuxracer binary in /usr/local/bin

6. Install the data files:

shell$ cd /usr/local/share
shell$ tar xvfz /path/to/tuxracer-data-.tar.gz
shell$ mv tuxracer-data- tuxracer

You may install the data files anywhere you wish, but tuxracer looks in /usr/local/share/tuxracer by default.

7. You're done!

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