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Twiggi is a web-based email client and contact manager solution for Linux

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Wouter Broers
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Twiggi is a web-based email client and contact manager solution for Linux. It includes the ability to securely share information with co-workers either individually or via assigned groups.

Here are some key features of "Twiggi":
Twiggi today: A quick look at your day showing the following on one easy to view screen

Todays's Mail
Today's schedule
Today's todo


A full featured IMAP webmail application
No other e-mail client is needed.


Store all your contact information for easy reference.

Schedule: Schedule all your appointments and track via these calendar views



No more need for sticky notes
Keep online notes for ready reference.


No more need for a paper daytimer
Keep an online ToDo list for ready reference


Bookmark all your favorite websites
Access your bookmarks from any Internet computer

What's New in This Release:
A missing MIME-boundary causes in rare cases on some SMTP servers a "Conversion Error", when the attachment contains 8-bit characters.
Due to a buggy function in PHP4.1.2, a bad message id is generated, which causes errors on some SMTP servers.
With "Respond to Read Receipts" set to "Always", the message text is not shown in message view.
Check for status when sending not working properly.
In list view of mail folders "drafts" and "sent-mail" the sender name is shown rather the recipient name.
Mail folders, which names contains quotes ("), cannot be deleted or moved.
Groups: New setting "color". All items assigned to this groups, are highlighted with this color. Can be used to emphasis important groups.

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