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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Matthew Jenkins
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UserRC is a small program to run from rcNG to start or stop user processes at bootup and shutdown.

A feew checks are made on the scripts before they are executed:

1) Is the script owned by right person?
2) Are the file permissions restrictive enough?

A user's RC files are placed in $HOME/rc.d and UserRC, after forking for the user, sets its UID to be that of the owner of the rc script.

A few security checks are performed, and the user's rcNG scripts are run as the UID of the owner.



Just type "make install"


to your /etc/rc.conf file


/etc/rc.d/userrc start :will start any user services as that user
/etc/rc.d/userrc stop :will stop all user services.

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