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utf8proc is a library for processing UTF-8 encoded Unicode strings

License: BSD License
File size: 172K
Developer: FlexiGuided GmbH
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utf8proc is a library for processing UTF-8 encoded Unicode strings. Unicode normalization, mapping of new line functions (NLF) to standard paragraph and line separators, stripping of default ignorable characters, and case folding are supported.

utf8proc library can be used in C programs, but most of the functionality is also available as a Ruby library. For PostgreSQL, there is an extension providing a function for preparing strings in case-insensitive indices.

Quick start:

For compilation of the C library call "make c-library", for compilation of the ruby library call "make ruby-library" and for compilation of the PostgreSQL extension call "make pgsql-library".

"make all" can be used to build everything, but both ruby and PostgreSQL installations are required in this case.

What's New in This Release:
For the Ruby part of the library there is now an alternate method of installation through rubygems.

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