Virtual Console init 2.0.1 review

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Virtual Console init is an /sbin/init clone for virtual consoles

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 42K
Developer: Raul Nunez de Arenas Coronado
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Virtual Console init is an /sbin/init clone for virtual consoles. It is very easy to set up and use because it has no configuration files.

It is very small and has builtin getty, login, klogd, and slogd. Virtual Console init is suitable for embedded systems and home Linux boxes.

This is a new kind of "init" that only works for the virtual console, so don't try it to login from a serial line. The idea is having a very simple init for home Linux systems (although it could work on other systems as well, who knows...), allowing for a simpler and cleaner configuration. It is useful too in embedded systems or tiny boot disks (maybe as a complement for "busybox"). In other words: it works for me, I use it and I'm releasing it in the hope of it being useful for others.

The binary itself doesn't accept parameters, so let's go directly to the behaviour... It must be run by "root" and have PID 1, so don't try to run it yourself, it wont work... You should install it under "/sbin/init", and the kernel will run it automatically at boot.

Take into account that this "init" has both the "getty" and "login" parts built-in, not as separate binaries. This means that if you have a server or another binary which needs "/bin/login", it probably WON'T WORK. The sysklog system (kernel logger and system logger, "klogd" and "slogd") are built-in, too. You don't need sysklogd or equivalent, unless you want some feature of them... In that case, you can disable the builtin system.

What's New in This Release:
vcinit is now licensed under the GPLv2 only, and not necessarily any later version of the GPL.

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