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Visitour provides traditional web analysis tools examine web server logs to provide the kinds of statistics that are of interest to s

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Visitour provides traditional web analysis tools examine web server logs to provide the kinds of statistics that are of interest to server administrators. While this information is vital to those whose job it is to maintain the site; designers, site executives and sales and marketing analysts will find it inscrutable at best.

Visitour, in contrast, takes the raw untamed data contained in logs and domesticates it so that ”non-propeller heads“ (a.k.a. ”business people“) can get the answer to the question that most concerns them, What are visitors up to on our site? It does so by means of clear, intelligible reports that provide critical information such as:

Who is linking and referring people to your site?
What keywords are most popular and which sell the most products?
Where do visitors enter your site? And how long do they stay?
What pages are viewed and in what order?
What are your site's most popular pages, products?
What browsers are they using?
What links are broken?
Where are the sites black holes and dead ends?
Where are visitors going from your site?
Which search engines have indexed your site, and where did they go?

Visitour can recognize and filter out noise from intruders like hackers, and identify hit & run visitors and spiders so the data it's analyzing is untainted. It can also recognize first time and return visitors, visits driven by ad campaigns, and which pages are driving visitors away.

Visitour provides its output in handsome, easy to read HTML, with export options for spreadsheet and database analysis. A single page Executive Summary and more detailed Highlights are output in ready-to-distribute format.

Other reports analyze specific data sets, summarizing the most important information in comprehensible lists. And if you want to get technical even more detailed reports are a click away.

Visitour automatically stores and displays historical data, liberating you from having to analyze your analysis in a spreadsheet or database.

If your goal is to make your site stickier, increase traffic and boost sales then Visitour is for you.

Visitour is a Java application - that means that it will run on any computer that supports Java: Windows 9x/NT/2K/XP; Macintosh OS X; Linux; Solaris; AIX; and others that have a JVM available.

For Windows and Macintosh OS X users, you can download platform specific launchers to make using Visitour even easier. For all platforms, you can download the Java Archive [JAR] version which will run on any Java 2 supported platform.

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