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Web Statistics Montage is a great web statistics tool to add to your arsenal

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 11K
Developer: www.Search-Engine-Optimized.com
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Web Statistics Montage is a great web statistics tool to add to your arsenal. Firstly, you need to be using a web host that uses the cPanel control panel and that also has AWStats enabled. Since cPanel is the most popular control panel on the market for Linux servers, this script should be useful to the majority of web masters out there.

I built Web Statistics Montage so that I could get a comprehensive idea of how my web sites were faring with search engines without having to log into each account. With this script, you get e-mailed your stats whenever you want them, no log-ins required!

Here are some key features of "Web Statistics Montage":
I use this script a couple of times a day because it's so handy. Here is a list of the features / capabilities of Web Statistics Montage:

Compiles key web statistics from multiple sites and compiles it into an easy-to-read e-mail that gets sent to your inbox
Compiles the following statistics:
Google PageRank
Number of unique visitors every day for the last few months
What keywords were used by search engines to find your site since the last time a report was generated
The most popular keywords used to get to your site through search engines
The last time your site was spidered by Google, Yahoo and MSN
The number of visits Google, Yahoo and MSN are sending your way
Compiles statistics in easy-to-read, easy-to-compare grids, color coded for the different search engines
Click on a keyword to show your site's rank for the keyword in Google, Yahoo and MSN instantly
Click a link on the report to view your AWStats for any site without having to log in!
Online version of the reports for easy comparison and later viewing

To use Web Statics Montage, you need to have a web hosting account with the cPanel control panel and AWStats enabled. Web Statistics Montage also uses a few MySQL database tables. Installation is very easy.

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