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mroovca stats is a Web site statistics generator with various functions and tables

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Mirek W.
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mroovca stats is a Web site statistics generator with various functions and tables. mroovca stats is simple, configurable, and provides an administrative interface.

It can measure statistics concerning the client browser, geolocalization, connection type, and referers. It can also recognize Polish towns.

In 2001 i've started to write my own version of web-site(s) statisics, since that time i had to change my name, changed from flat-file to datadase and finally rewrite whole code to be more flexible.

To work with databases it uses "dbx" functions module from PHP. At this moment it's tested only with MySQL and prepared to work with this db engine. But in close future i will provide installer, updater and support for other database engines.

But it's not end. i'm working for more enchancements and statistics including tables, charts, maps, etc.

Just download, extract from archive, configure and use it!!

Here are some key features of "mroovca stats":
easy instller/updater (for versions >=0.4.4)
language support - english and polish at this time
prepared for work with more than one websites/accounts
root panel for adding and removing accounts
admin panel for accounts
all accounts have their own password
access for viewing stats for all or on passowrd
showing stats with or without reloads
timezone correction
excluded hosts or (sub)domains

PHP5 or PHP4 >= 4.0.5
dbx functions enabled
MySQL 4.1.1 or above

What's New in This Release:
bugfix in "Current" - day of week might be incorrent in some timezones (ex. USA)

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