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Wap-IRC gateway allows you to chat on IRC with any WAP-enabled mobile phone

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Tomas Vilda
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Wap-IRC gateway allows you to chat on IRC with any WAP-enabled mobile phone. It works by running the server program on a Unix-like system that is accessible over the Internet. It doesn't require phones which have programs written in Java.

I am Tomas Vilda, student studying at University of Vilnius, Lithuania. I started interested in wap when I bought my first wap enabled mobile phone. I searched for the running irc-wap gateway. But with no success. Actually, I found some, but no such, that I make to connect to specified IRC server. Then I found wapirc gateway written by Alan Cox . I tried it on my FreeBSD server. During compilation I got error, because of bad Makefile. So I compiled it by correcting Makefile and ran successful. My mobile is Siemens C55. To start using this wapirc gateway I have to make some modifications. They are listed below.

What's New in This Release:
cgi/main():refresh included into main-cgi, saves us .htaccess and external wmlscript
cgi/write_wml(): fixed bug in linked nicks with ACTIONs and '*' in there.
server/parseinput(): Added /me Command for '*' ACTION in channels
cgi/write_card(): get refresh timer from config.h
server/removeallitems(): doing a list cleanup when disconnecting, so we can rejoin after quit without part
server/print_out(): screenbuffer with latest messages, scrolling top down
cgi/write_card(): reload on a regular basis, when not typing something in. New formular works on more phones, informative header
cgi/wml_link()/wml_header(): wml1.2 compatible links/input field for accesskey element
cgi/write_wml(): new linewise printout, italic makeup, nicks are linked setting defaultvalues for talking on channels and privat.
cgi/main(): Expire header
Makefile: make install

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