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WaveMixer is a multitrack sample editor. WaveMixer is a multitrack wave editor

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Raoul Hecky
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WaveMixer is a multitrack sample editor.

WaveMixer is a multitrack wave editor. It can mix mutliple sound together to make some music.

We want to do an audio software that is simple to use for anyone, and not only by profesionnal users.

Here are some key features of "WaveMixer":
Can load many sound format like: wave file, mp3, ogg.
Show up the file in the sound editor
You can apply some cool effect on a sample like: fade-in/out, echo, high and low pass filter, ...
Can save a modified sample to mp3, ogg or wave format
Can edit Metadata (id3 tag) thanks to TagLib...
Handles very large file !
Use esound to write the sound to the sound card
Zoom in and out on a sample
Wavemixer got a powerfull file explorer! All is done with drag'n drop.
You can drop files from konqueror or nautilus.
You can put many samples on the track editor to assemble them and create some very cool music !
Unimited tracks!
On each track, you can play with volume and pan
When playing, a very great Vumeter is drawn to show up the peak volume of the sound/music! That's cool !
Wavemixer can save an entire project in xml file for further load...

Gtkmm 2.2

What's New in This Release:
After a long work of coding and debugging, we are very proud to give this powerfull release to the world.
Many new features are available, such as the complete Gstreamer 0.8 support for file loading and saving.

What's New in This Release:
This powerfull new release has some cool new features, like gtkmm2.6 and jack sound server support.

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