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WebVCR+ is a Web frontend to record your TV shows from, which has a TV Guide-like interface

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Pyroman
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WebVCR+ is a Web frontend to record your TV shows from, which has a TV Guide-like interface. You can record your shows to many different formats, and convert them during the idle time your computer isn't recording.

You can also add favorites and manage your video library through the Web interface. Listings can be specified in XMLTV format, or grabbed from advalvas/eurotv. You can also easily add different commandline video recorders.

Here are some key features of "WebVCR":
Record TV Shows Automatically

WebVCR+ can record TV shows for you automatically, at any time.

View TV Schedule

WebVCR+ will list your TV schedule and let you choose which shows to record.

View Movies Running on TV

WebVCR+ keeps track of movies in your listings and has links to the IMDB so that you can find information about a particular movie.

Search by title, subtitle, channel, categoriesor description

Now you can search your listings database by keywords, categories, channel or any combination of the three, and have the results displayed ready to record or unrecord.

Automatic Conversion of Videos

Now you can record in an uncompressed format and compress it later into any codec you want using FFMPEG and WebVCR+. You dont have to put up with low bitrates, just have your computer compress the video in the idle time it isn't recording!

XMLTV Support

The schedule can now be specified in XMLTV format, which has schedules for Canada, UK and the USA.

nvrec Support

WebVCR+ supports divx4rec and vcr both of which record to DivX format. NuppelVideo support has also been added with nuvrec. You can add any command line recorder easily, just see the recorder help under Config.

MJPEG tools Support

WebVCR+ supports lavrec for recording into MJPEG format.

Mplayer Support

WebVCR+ supports mencoder for recording into the various formats that Mplayer supports.

Favorites Support

Now you can click the "Add to Favorites" button, and a show will be recorded every time it is aired. You can then use the Favorites menu to adjust the priority of the favorites, or adjust the channel, time and weekday settings for the favorite.

Video Library Management

You can also rename and delete files in your video library from the web interface, and check the amount of space each takes up.

A TV Card and Sound card for recording
A PHP capable webserver
Apache is good, or IIS, whatever.
Perl XML::Twig
A command line video recorder
Anything that can record for a specified length of time from the command line can be used, just see the recorder help under Config
Optional - FFMPEG - for converting videos
XMLTV for TV listings

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