Weeble File Manager 2002-04-30 review

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Weeble File Manager (aka WeebleFM) is a php file manager run through an ftp connection

License: BSD License
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Developer: C J Michaels
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Weeble File Manager (aka WeebleFM) is a php file manager run through an ftp connection. It offers a wide variety of functionality, similar to the web based file managers used by Tripod and Yahoo.

It offers a easy to use interface for its users along with easy installation for the host. WeebleFM gives private web hosters the chance to offer their clients an easy and quick alternative to FTP, TELNET, and SSH.

Here are some key features of "Weeble File Manager":

Download files from the server
Change permissions of a file or directory
Listing displays owner, date last edited, and size of files and directories
Create new files and directories
Edit files
Delete files and directories
Copy a file
Move files and directories
Rename files and directories
Upload a file from your computer
Show/Hide hidden files and directories in the listing

Settings: (for the web host to set)

Server name and ftp port number
Warning display colors
Default alternating table background colors
Associate icons with any file extension
Size of the editor box
Encryption key for passwords and encryption types

A web server.
php4 with the following modules:
mcrypt (optional)
Settings required in php.ini
ftp server
CHMOD support by the ftp server is required for the changing of permissions to work.

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