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moftpd project is a powerful ftp server supporting IPv6, SQL, TLS and much more. Here are some key features of "moftpd": RFC co

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moftpd project is a powerful ftp server supporting IPv6, SQL, TLS and much more.

Here are some key features of "moftpd":

RFC compiance

moftpd is a very RFC compliant server. supporting all standard commands and all protocols except SKIPJACK-KEA encryption. Included standards are IPv6, TLS encryption and verification, UTF-8, internationalisation and more.

Powerful authentication

moftpd includes powerful control over authenticating users. In addition to the system users you can specify any number of users in the configuration file, and put permissions on directories and files on a per user bases (or group of users).

You can let users connect to different servers based on the client ip address, and a compliant client can choose server upon connect if there's several available.

moftpd can also authenticate users based on the certificate they present when encrypting the connection. This is useful as you can restrict an account to only be allowed with a specific private key.

There is also support for SQL (currently MySQL only) for specifying users and directory permissions.

Strong permission system

As mentioned above, file and directory permissions can be specified individually for each user and directory. You can choose between a real or faked chroot, and if using the latter, allow specific symlinks out of the chroot to access other directories.

You can also put restrictions on critical files, which must be encrypted and/or signed during the transfer. File and directory permissions can also be fetched from SQL.


moftpd is fully compliant with the specification of running FTP in different languages. So far, only Swedish is implemented, but more is easy to add.

moftpd always run in UTF-8 as per the RFC, but has functions for converting file names and commands in different encodings to UTF-8.

Good documentaion

An easy to navigate html documentation is included and is also available here on the homepage. For those that prefer text documents that is also available and the HTML code for the options are actually generated from an included XML source.

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