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The wmpptpd is a Linux PPTP (Point to Point Tunnelling Protocol) server

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 51K
Developer: Milan Pikula
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The wmpptpd is a Linux PPTP (Point to Point Tunnelling Protocol) server. Comparing to the existing PPTP client and server, it handles multiple connections and clients, implements window protocol, etc. After few minor changes you can use it as a client, too.

The PPTP, point-to-point tunelling protocol, is used to tunell a PPP connection over the local network. It is often used to build the virtual private networks using Windows 9x machines and NT server. There exists a PPTP server and PPTP client for Linux, both of them used to communicate with a windows machine:

server (PoPToP): http://poptop.lineo.com
client (PPTP-Linux): http://cag.lcs.mit.edu/~cananian/Projects/PPTP

However, there are more implementations than the one in Windows around, and we've got a Compaq Microcom 4000 modem rack, which answers digital incomming calls and forwards the requests to a server (using PPTP of course). At first, we tried to adapt a PoPToP server or client to do the job for us, but unfortunately found many problems, so we started from scratch. Our goals were:
- working PPTP implementation
- extensible and flexible design
- multiple connections at one time
- support for as many pptp-talking clients as possible

After few nights, the first versions were ready, few bugs were caught (for example, we had to throw our implementation of windows, as microcom 4000 does not use them; we found few serious design flaws of PPTP protocol itself, spent some time catching the bugs with multiple connections, ...). Then we installed this all on our production server and forgot about it. After some time, we've got some bug reports, which needed to be ironed out. So we re-visited the sources, fixed the bugs and made this release.

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