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wmfrog is a weather application, it shows the weather in a graphical way

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 60K
Developer: tcolar
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wmfrog is a weather application, it shows the weather in a graphical way. The artwork might not be the best, but not being a designer i'm actually pretty happy about the result.

Here are some key features of "wmFrog":
Shows: clouds (clear, few, scattered, broken, overcast ...)
Shows: Precipitations: (drizzle, rain, snow, ice christals : light/moderate or heavy)
Shows: Special weather (Blowing wind / Freezing / Thunderstorm, funnel cloud...)
Shows: Humidity perentage.
Shows: Wind speed (average & gust)
Shows: Wind Direction.
Shows: Temperature (Celcius or Fareinheit).
Shows: Station name and weather report time.

wmFrog requires the Xpm library (which should be available on most machines with XFree86 installed). And it requires that the GNU wget utility be installed as well. wget is a utility that allows you to grab stuff like html files and images diretly off the www without using a graphical browser. (Also, you obviously need to be connected to internet in a way that wget will work.) You also need to have Perl installed.

On FreeBSD systems you may need to use gmake instead of make.


If you have a copy of wmFrog already running you should kill it first.

1) gunzip wmFrog-x.x.x.tar.gz
1) tar -xvf wmFrog-x.x.x.tar
2) cd wmFrog/Src/
3) make clean
4) make
5) make install
6) wmfrog -h & (or 'wmfrog -h' for help)
7) You need to set the location of perl correctly in /usr/lib/wmfrog if your perl is located in a place other than /usr/bin/

What's New in This Release:
Application name changed to wmfrog instead of wmFrog
Man page added by Marc Brockschmidt
Change where made to the data fetching script, so that no more eroneous temperatures should be reported (visibility as fractions problems)
Debian package creation, Makefile cleanup, etc.

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