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wmGrabImage can monitor your favorite web image

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 19K
Developer: wmGrabImage Team
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wmGrabImage can monitor your favorite web image. If you have memory leak problems: upgrade your ImageMagick package (its likely to be the cause).

You will need the following free packages to be installed on your system:

1) ImageMagick (I use the convert utility (and I want to keep it that way so I can also use all its the processing capabilites in future releases.))
2) GNU wget


wmGrabImage requires the Xpm library (which should be available on most machines with XFree86 installed). (Also, you obviously need to be connected to internet in a way that wget will work.)


1) gunzip wmGrabImage-1.0.tar.gz
1) tar -xvf wmGrabImage-1.0.tar
2) cd wmGrabImage-1.0/wmGrabImage/
3) make
4) make install (must be root)
5) wmGrabImage & (or 'wmGrabImage -h' for help, or 'man wmGrabImage' for the man page)
6) You need to set the location of perl correctly in GrabImage if your perl is located in a place other than /usr/bin/

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