Wolvix Games 1.0.4 review

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Wolvix is a GNU/Linux LiveCD built from SLAX

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Wolvix Team
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Wolvix is a GNU/Linux LiveCD built from SLAX. Wolvix is a desktop oriented distribution made to fit the needs from regular to advanced desktop users.

Along with the applications you'll get some of the best free Linux games. (No 3D gfx card required).

Games Edition features over 50 games in different categories, four emulators and quite a few desktop applications.

You won't find World of Warcraft or Half-Life 2 on the CD, but I've tried to include some of the finest free Linux games and I think there should be a game or two for most people, I've even added dopewars for your grandma.

None of the games require 3D drivers, so you should be able to play most games on any graphics card

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