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wsdlpull is a C++ WSDL Library

License: LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
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Developer: Vivek Krishna
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wsdlpull is a C++ WSDL Library. wsdlpull project includes a WSDL Parser , a XSD Schema
Parser and Validator and XML Parser and serializer and an API for dynamic WSDL inspection and invocation.

wsdlpull uses the xml pull api to parse a WSDL1.1 document. This makes wsdlpull highly efficient which is why you can process and invoke a WSDL in no time.

The parser provides APIs to access various WSDL elements such as operations,messages,bindings,port types. Although wsdlpull is based on the pull parsing style of xml parsing the API is meant to be semantically as close as possible to the standard API for parsing WSDL, namely WSDL4J.

The invocation API allows you to dynamically inspect and invoke a web service. Unlike other toolkits there is no need to generate stubs or type serializers. Writing a web service client involves providing the WSDL URL ,setting the operation ,the input types and getting back the results in just one step.

The schema parser and validator provides an API for parsing XSD schema documents and validating their xml instance documents. The schema parser is used to parse the types section of the WSDL document.

The Xml parser and serializer provide a C++ implementation of the XML Pull API . WSDL processing, XSD schema processing ,creating SOAP messages all use the parser and serializer.

What's New in This Release:
The crash in PayPal WSDL was fixed.
The parent schema's URI is used to resolve the imported schemas.
The crash which occurred while downloading temporary files was fixed.
The /tmp directory is used for temporary files on Unix.
The crash which occurred while validating simpleContent extensions where basetype is another simpleContent ComplexType was fixed.
Required attributes in input data structure are also prompted for while invoking Web services.
xsd:unsignedLong was mapped to a C++ unsigned long long.

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