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Wsynth-DSSI is a simple wavetable synth

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Gordon JC Pearce
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Wsynth-DSSI is a simple wavetable synth. It is not based on any "real life" synth, but was written with the PPG Wave and Prophet VS in mind.

The code is based on Xsynth-DSSI, hence the imaginative name.

A lot of the sound generation code, most of the user interface, and nearly all of the DSSI bits are derived from Sean Bolton's Xsynth-DSSI plugin. This in turn uses bits from Xsynth v1.0.2 by S. J. Brookes.

The "About" message is unchanged from Xsynth-DSSI

DSSI version 0.9 or greater, available from the address above.
liblo version 0.12 or later, a library implementing the Open Sound Control protocol.
pkgconfig with PKG_CONFIG_PATH set appropriately to pick up DSSI and liblo.
GTK+ version 1.2 or 2.x. (If GTK+ is not found, the plugin will be built without the GUI.)
the LADSPA v1.x SDK.
the ALSA headers (DSSI plugins use ALSA structures, but not the actual drivers, so you don't necessarily need the drivers installed.)
a working DSSI host. Xsynth-DSSI has been tested with the example DSSI host available at the address above.
automake 1.7 and autoconf 2.57 or better if you wish to recreate the build files.

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