Wuja 0.0.4 review

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Wuja is a Gnome desktop applet for integrating with Google Calendar

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 54K
Developer: James Bowes
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Wuja is a Gnome desktop applet for integrating with Google Calendar. Wuja is written in Python and distributed under the GPL.

Wuja is currently approaching an initial beta release and has very limited functionality. We would however like to hear your suggestions for what you'd like to see it capable of. Please feel free to send suggestions and general comments, as well as any bugs you might encounter.

Wuja is approaching an initial beta release and currently only supports the display of alerts for upcoming calendar entries. (as per the reminder setting in Google Calendar)


What's New in This Release:
New Features

· Added View Calendar dialog to browse calendar entries on a particular date.
· Added timezone support throughout the code. (admittedly may need some more user testing to validate this is behaving as it should)
· Defaulting to pynotify notifications if the module is installed on your system. (see python-notify on Ubuntu Edgy, or notify-python on Fedora Core 6)
· Added small upgrade framework to make transitions from 0.0.3 and all future versions of wuja transparent to the user.


· Override Google's default behavior of only returning the 25 most recent entries in a calendar feed.
· Added support for exceptions to recurring events.

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