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Xclasses is a C layout library for the X Window System

License: LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
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Xclasses is a C layout library for the X Window System. All objects (called gadgets) are font sensitive, i.e. their size changes with the size of the used screen font and the size of the window.

All this is done by Xclasses itself. The user may choose any kind of font style and size.

All objects (gadgets) have the same base class (class gadget) so there are all
used the same. Gadgets are put together in groups (class group also bases on
gadget) which manage the correct size of all gadgets (and/or groups!) inside.

Why use Xclasses?

Xclasses is completely written in C++ so it is really object orientated! But C-Users may use it because most C compilers support C++ and for using Xclasses you neddn't to know much about C++.

Xclasses is easy to use, no pointer or handles to manage or remember - simply classes (for C users: like structs with functions added). If you don't want to do some special things (like writing a multiplayer arcade game or a new window manager) you don't even need to know anything about X-Windows functions and how it works - Xclasses has its own classes for all of this that put many complex X functions to some easy functions together.

Xclasses project makes easy font and context sensitiv GUIs. And you don't need much time to develop a GUI!


To install the compiled library start "./build install".

This copies the library to /usr/local/lib/ and the includes to /usr/local/include/. A global config file for all Xclasses programs is installed in /usr/lib/X11/Xclasses/.

Each time you want to compile a Xclasses program you should execute the "setenvxc" script like this ". ./setenvxc" in ksh or bash or but its source into your profile.

Now you can compile the example programs in the example dir, enter

./build examples

in the Xclasses top directory (where you found this README).

If you got the sources and want to compile them yourself use the "build" script:

./build config will ask some config questions
./build make will make the library


./build all build config & make

What's New in This Release:
compiler problems with GCC 3.x fixed

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