XML::Schema::Type::Simple 0.07 review

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License: Perl Artistic License
File size: 147K
Developer: Andy Wardley
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XML::Schema::Type::Simple is a base class for simple XML Schema datatypes.


package XML::Schema::Type::whatever;
use base qw( XML::Schema::Type::Simple );
use vars qw( @FACETS );

minLength => 10,
maxLength => 30,
otherFacet => {
value => $n,
fixed => 1,
annotation => "a comment",

package main;

my $type = XML::Schema::Type::whatever->new()
|| die XML::Schema::Type::whatever->error();

my $item = $type->instance('some instance value')
|| die $type->error();

# NOTE: some issues still to resolve on the precise
# nature and structure of instances (currently hash ref).
print $item->{ value };

The XML::Schema::Type::Simple module is a base class for objects that represent XML Schema simple types.


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