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Yamysqlfront is yet another mysqlfront clone

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Florian Schmidt
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Yamysqlfront is yet another mysqlfront clone. It features a table schema editor, a table index/key editor, a memo editor, unlimited query tabs, syntax highlighting, multiple connections, and query templates to get quick data views.

Yamysqlfront allows you to to modify your order clause by clicking on column headers, to edit directly in your result set, to add or delete records in your result set, to export to CSV, and to save or load queries.

Here are some key features of "Yamysqlfront":
decide at query time if a result set is editable
index/key editor
memo field editor
edit field/memo editor
font chooser dialog for query and result font
add/delete/commit buttons for row editing
rewirte query "order by" clause by clicking on result set column headers
compress_format – write a minimal sql query without unneeded whitespace
arbitrary number of query templates (using variables like $table$ and $primary_key$)
table editor
in-result-set editing (edit, add, delete)
{connection|database|table} {create|modify|delete}
{connection|database|table} dump (not completly finished)
places cursor at position of error if possible
automatic indentation of a query
remove unneeded braces
remove unneeded backtick-quotes
syntax highlighting which recognizes
single-qouted strings,
double-quoted strings,
backtick-quoted strings,
one line comments,
possible quote-errors
query log with syntax highlighting
query tabes
query save/load
query result save to csv
query test window font selection
query result window font selection
everything is save against unusual database/table/field-names. (if not, than its a bug)
local regular expression search in reslutsets
result set field value popup: copy value, set value to now(), unixtimestamp(now()), null
simple config file with many customizing options:
autorefresh_interval_table = 300
connection_somename = ip,user,password,database
extern_mysqldump = mysqldump
extern_mysqldump_database_dump = -a -C -e --databases -Q -v -r
extern_mysqldump_host_dump = -a -C -e -Q -v -A -r
extern_mysqldump_table_dump = -a -C -e -Q -v -r
query_result_font = Monospace 8
query_text_font = Monospace 8
result_view_column_resizable = false
result_view_column_width_max = 300
result_view_column_width_min = 70
syntax_highlight_datatypes = binary, bit, blob, ...
syntax_highlight_fg_backtick-quoted-string = #BF007F
syntax_highlight_fg_comment = #007F00
syntax_highlight_fg_datatype = #AA00AA
syntax_highlight_fg_double-quoted-string = #7F007F
syntax_highlight_fg_error = red
syntax_highlight_fg_function = darkblue
syntax_highlight_fg_keyword = #00007F
syntax_highlight_fg_number = #007F7F
syntax_highlight_fg_operator = #0000aa
syntax_highlight_fg_single-quoted-string = #9F007F
syntax_highlight_functions = abs, acos, adddate, addtime, ...
syntax_highlight_keywords = host, database, field, comment, ...
syntax_highlight_operators = not, and, or, like,
template1_last 150 records = select * from `$table$` order by `$primary_key$` desc limit 150
template2_500 records in fs-order = select * from `$table$` limit 500
template3_quick filter 500 = select * from `$table$` where $field_conditions$ limit 500

What's New in This Release:
major bugfixes
some new feature

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