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yappa-ng is a very powerful but easy to install and easy to use online PHP photo gallery for all Operating Systems (Linux/UNIX, Windo

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Zirkon
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yappa-ng is a very powerful but easy to install and easy to use online PHP photo gallery for all Operating Systems (Linux/UNIX, Windows, MAC, ...), and all Webservers (Apache, IIS, ...) with no need for a DataBase (no MySQL,...).

yappa-ng is free to download and free to use (GNU GPL).

Each picture can be viewed in many different sizes and the thumbnails and all other resizeing is created automatically on the fly. yappa-ng supports password protected albums, hit counters for albums and images, album info, image captions, album and image ranking, gallery overview and features a 'Top 10 images' ranking system for each photo album and 'User Comments' for each image.

yappa-ng has complete user selectable language support and different themes.
yappa-ng has a very comfortable and elaborate album-oriented photoalbum-administration web-interface. Each photo-album is a different directory and has a complete different set of options (thumbnail page layout, useage of image-hit-counters, top10, user-password,...)

Here are some key features of "yappa ng":
easy, fast and intuitive _webbased_ setup ;-)
Special webbased "Safe Mode Setup" to install yappa-ng on servers with safe_mode enabled and where the user has no way to change the fileownership after FTP!
NO Database (MYSQL,....) needed ! (yappa-ng galleries with up to 37.000 images have been reported!!!!)
yappa-ng is Free: Free to download and Free to use!
very comfortable administration web-interface integrated (including create/delete albums, image upload/delete, edit captions (language dependent), configure Layout, and much more...)
automatic thumbnail generation
resizeable images (all sizes generated automatically from the original!!!)
album and images hits counter
album and images rating
password protected albums
User Comments (with "Smilies-support") for each image
top X ranking system (the "X" means: every number you setup - album specific. This means: Top10 or Top25 or Top2 or ...)
all configurations are album specific (configure every album seperatily to your demands - or use the default setup )
switch languages on the fly wherever you want (including album titles/info, image captions, password queries,...)
select your default language
supports album title and album info (language support)
supports image captions (language support)
resized image caching (faster download!)
random image for album preview
themes support
gallery photoalbum overview
Slide Show for each Album
Supports all filetypes (not only images/photos)

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