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My Photo Gallery is a Web-based photo gallery that also supports non-image filetypes

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 122K
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My Photo Gallery is a Web-based photo gallery that also supports non-image filetypes. It is easy to setup and even easier to maintain.

Slick-looking image galleries and thumbnails are generated on the fly from any root directory that you specify. Albums can be created using the included Web-based adiminstration tool or by creating a directory and copying your pictures and files to that directory.

A Web administration interface is available to help add descriptions, rename images, rotate images (losslessly), and more. It includes advanced features such as image logging, renaming, resizing, image rotation, smilies, and visitor comments.

Unlimited filetypes may be recognized, and custom images for them can be displayed in your galleries, allowing you to archive MP3s, MPEGs, AVIs, etc.

Here are some key features of "My Photo Gallery":
Automatic creation of photo,movie, and file galleries
Web based upload and gallery manager
Automatic unzip'ing of uploaded .zip files (requires 'unzip' to be installed and in your path)
Uses a template.html file to quickly make everything match your current site
Simply ftp your stuff or use the web based manager
Pretty file name option (in config file)
Automatic thumbnail generation
Automatic creation of various sizes of each image so that your visitors can specify the viewing size of their preference.
Logging for each time a picture or album is viewed.
Visitors can comment on each picture. support to allow your visitors to order prints.
Manage your photo galleries from the web.
Previous/next picture buttons with thumbnail preview
Automatic extraction of EXIF data embedded from most digital cameras
Easyily themable with your custom colors, logo, and main page
Configurable filetype support to support any filetype for download
Upload, rotate (lossless), rename, or delete images using the web manager interface
password protect directories using a lock file of user/pass's
replace (and about every other derivation) with a picture of a smiley
I am sure there is more that I cannot think of.

web server (tested on apache Linux/Unix but reported to work on Windows NT/2000)
Perl 5.00503 (may work with others)
ImageMagick (with PerlMagick) 5.2.2
Image::Info and IO::String (to get EXIF data stored in the images by digital cameras).

What's New in This Release:
A bug has been fixed that created large thumbnail file sizes in some cases.

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