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YALA is a web-based LDAP administration GUI

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Oren Held
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YALA is a web-based LDAP administration GUI. The idea is to simplify the directory administration with a graphical interface and neat features, though to stay a general-purpose program (unlike some LDAP browsers written specifically for managing users on the system).

Yet Another LDAP Administrator goal is to simplify the administration but not to make the YALA user stupid: to achieve this, we try to show the user what YALA does behind the scenes, what it sends to the server (unlike Microsoft Active Directory, for example).

Here are some key features of "Yet Another LDAP Administrator":
Clear and Simple interface
Cross-Platform: YALA can be accessed from any platform using any modern browser
Cute javascript to improve the web-interface, which can be set off if you would like
Theoretically works with any LDAP server, see README file for list of supported LDAP servers.
Reads the schema from the LDAP server and gets lots of useful information off there.
Entry Types recognition: You can configure YALA to recognize an entry of objectclasses X & Y, for example, as a user entry, have a special icon for it, and allow simple creation of new entries of this type (i.e. add a new user).
It's free (under the GPL)


What's New in This Release:
A few important fixes which make YALA compatible with Fedora Directory Server and PHP5 friendly.

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