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aWebDap is a web front-end to an LDAP address directory server

License: Other/Proprietary License with Free Trial
File size: 116K
Developer: Greg Ippolito
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aWebDap is a web front-end to an LDAP address directory server. aWebDap provides a friendly way to query, view, update, add and delete data on the LDAP server.

AWebDap supports HTML web browsers but also offers unique support for web enabled cell phones using WTAI for dialing and address book interface features. It supports LDAP URL's which will interface with the address book in MS/Outlook.

The native LDAP server capabilities are unchanged and will interface with address clients in their usual fashion. It also supports vCARD which works very well for some cell phones, personal organizer applications and the Netscape 4.X address book.

Unlike other web front-ends, use of the aWebDap front-end was intended for the non-techie and presents an interface which is intuitive. (i.e. you don't have to understand LDAP jargon like dn statements) Even your mother will like it!

aWebDap is a CGI executable which provides a friendly web front-end to an LDAP database for users and administrators. The aWebDap system is comprised of three files, (1) an executable which can be placed in your "/cgi-bin/" directory, (2) an HTML form to interface with the CGI, and (3) the configuration file /etc/awebdap.conf.

The power and flexibility of aWebDap comes from the configuration file which presents many options to the user from a fully featured web pressentation for web browsers and a low weight pressentation for PDA and cell phone web access. Awebdap also supports https secure connections.

What's New in This Release:
Support for specifying language and charset was added.
AWebDap now supports Yahoo map URLs.

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