YProlog 0.5 review

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YProlog is a pocket Prolog engine written in 100% Java

License: BSD License
File size: 115K
Developer: Boris van Schooten
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YProlog is a pocket Prolog engine written in 100% Java. YProlog provides a number of fast and easy Java-Prolog interfacing functions that enables the Prolog database to be used like an SQL-type database:

fast consult and retract operations
"serialize" database contents into text
load and store tables, and contents of Java objects

YProlog is a successor of XProlog which is a successor of WProlog. YProlog is basically XProlog with extra Prolog-Java interfacing functions.

Also, various minor changes were made. The YProlog class provides the Java-Prolog interface (see javadoc).

What's New in This Release:
This release adds assertTable.
It adds a parameter type to toPrologTable.
The parser now handles UTF-8 extended characters.
This release fixes a number bug in assertFact, a buildResult/listToStringArray bug where [] was translated to 'null', a bug where consult didn't handle null input, a retract() bug where the first term in the goal list was not correctly determined.

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