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Yudit project is simple but powerful editor of multilingual text without need for additional text input support packages for large ch

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 2472K
Developer: Gaspar Sinai
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Yudit project is simple but powerful editor of multilingual text without need for additional text input support packages for large character sets.

It's possible to enter text directly from keyboard, by using internal text conversion mechanism or even by handwriting recognition with your mouse or tablet.

gcc-2.96 or better
gmake 3.75 or greater
X11R5 or greater
recommended gettext 0.10 or better for multi-language message support. From version-2.4.8 it is only needed when making your own messages. Reading gettext generated files are internally supported.
optional: a lot of True Type fonts are available for free:
Several UCS fonts

Here are some key features of "yudit":
The kinput2 method is directly supported for Japanese.
X Input Method support.
Handwriting recognition support.
Easy-to-make key-input maps that can be created to input scripts with a two-way English transliteration scheme. Yudit comes with more than 100 keyboard maps contributed by Yudit users from all over the World.
Built-in printing support. High quality and locale independent postscript is generated.
Direct True Type / Open Type font support. Yudit does not need X11 TTF support to show your text.
Yudit can display and print your text with a mixture of X11 fonts/True Type fonts.
Unicode glyphs are widely available these days but still there are some scripts that need this feature.
Cut and paste, load and save your text with various encodings. It is possible to create a unicode text file in Linux and read it in MS Notepad on NT. (utf-16)
Keyboard input maps can be used as text converters. This means that you can make instant transliterations of your scripts. If the transliterations is reversible, it is possible to read it back get the original text back.
Unlinimted undo/redo.
Overstriking and OTF composing-character support.
31-bit Unicode support.
Drag-and-Drop (xdnd and Dnd) support.
Full Bidirectional text support.
Hagul Jamos with mslvt encoder (hardwired for ogulim.ttf) and X11 fonts
Arabic, Syriac,... shaping support.
Indic scripts: Tamil,Devanagari,Bengali,Gujarati,Gurmukhi, Oriya,Malayalam,Kannada and Telugu
Hungarian Runes (rov?s?r?s) support in Private Use Area
Software glyph mirroring (Hungarian Runes,Old Italic)

What's New in This Release:
Several new keymaps has been added.
Updates were made for Unicode 5.0.0.
An AMD 64-bit fix has been added.

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