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Yxa is a SIP stack and a set of SIP server applications written in Erlang/OTP

License: BSD License
File size: 667K
Developer: Fredrik Thulin
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Yxa is a SIP stack and a set of SIP server applications written in Erlang/OTP. The SIP stack is RFC3261 compliant.

Among the features implemented are SIP registrar, SIP router, forking, CPL, IPv6, TLS, ENUM, PSTN gateway access control and modular user database backends.

The main goal of the project is to create a robust SIP server platform that can scale to tens of thousands of users, be interoperable through standards compliance, and still have short time-to-market for new features due to the use of a high level language.

Here are some key features of "Yxa":
RFC3261 compliant SIP-server, capable of everything a generic domain needs :
Registrar that keeps track of your users
Handles incoming SIP requests to your domain
Handles routing of requests from your users to remote domains
TCP, UDP and TLS (including SIPS) support
Automatically maps e-mail addresses of your users to their SIP addresses, if you have the e-mail addresses in LDAP
Handles multiple domains using a single server instance
ENUM support for PSTN-bypass whenever possible
IPv6 support
Forking, both parallel and sequential
CPL (RFC3880) support for advanced user-control of events (currently incoming calls only)
Modular user database, currently with LDAP, Mnesia, MySQL and text-file backends
PSTN destination access control (per user or for anonymous users

What's New in This Release:
Issues with handling included configuration files with syntax errors were fixed.

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