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Zarafa software allows you to share Outlook calendars and email, even when you are out of the office, via Outlook, with your PocketPC

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Zarafa software allows you to share Outlook calendars and email, even when you are out of the office, via Outlook, with your PocketPC or through our WebAccess.

Our WebAccess even features the familiar Outlook 'Look and Feel' interface and you can keep using the features in Outlook that have always allowed you to work more efficiently; Opening your colleague's calendar or sending a meeting request is a piece of cake.

Here are some key features of "Zarafa":
Appointment requests

Sending and accepting of appointment requests. Accept through a special button in the message and the appointment will be automatically incorporated in the calendar. An appointment with 5 persons is easily planned. It can spare you alot of excessive phonecalls.

Free/busy information

Many colleagues' appointment information in one overview. You may directly view where to create a new appointment in overly planned calendars.


Even if you don't have your own computer at hand, you can always gain access to all of your Outlook information. The information will be presented in the familiar Outlook lay-out. The webaccess offers you all the presented functionalities.
Unique in Zarafa is that the information shown is real-time requested. There is no separate synchronisation between the client and the server. All your changes in the webaccess can directly be viewed in Outlook: 'read/unread' status, subfolders and flags are visible. When you sent a mail from your computer at home, it still is visible in the same 'Sent Items' folder in Outlook.

Outlook from outside the network

U can login from your computer at home to the Zarafa server through a safe and fast solution. You can work like you're at work. This functionality can be used with Outlook2000, OutlookXP and Outlook2003.

PDA support

You can synchronize your Outlook information with your PDA. This way, you'll have your information always present, no matter where you are. Zarafa support ActiveSync and Hotsync. Therefor, you can use your iPaq or Palm handheld.

Offline Synchronisation

When you temporarily do not have a connection to the internet, you can still work with your current Outlook information. When the internet connection returns, you can synchronise all the changes between the server and the client. All the mail you sent when you were off-line, will be sent when the connection to the server returns. Very convenient, especially when you travel a lot, and not always have access to the internet.


To make the sharing of all the information possible, everything is stored in a central stable MySQL database. With this comes the great advantage of an easy to execute daily backup.

What's New in This Release:
This version fixes some problems in the IMAP gateway that caused clients to incorrectly report that the user's password was incorrect.
Subrestriction searches have also been added to support the "activities" tab in Outlook contacts and searching with the "sent to" field in advanced find.

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